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Current Grant Opportunities

Foundation Grants

ExxonMobil STEM Innovation Grants

The Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System is seeking proposals from educators in elementary, middle and high schools in East Baton Rouge Parish School System to implement high-quality, innovative STEM programs. Proposed projects should align with the GEN READY/BR STEM Network vision, mission and goals.

The Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System established the BR STEM NETWORK in 2016 through initial funding from ExxonMobil. In 2018 the BR STEM Network was renamed as GEN READY. The network was renamed to focus on the collaborative network objective of preparing our next GENeration of young people for success; to make them college and job READY. The goals remain the same, to increase the number of students graduating from high school possessing requisite STEM skills and knowledge to be post-secondary education-ready and to be competitive for the 21st century workplace.

1. Future Ready Students- Increase student interest, participation and achievement in STEM
2. Effective Educators- Increase number of effective STEM educators in all settings.
3. Informed Community- Increase engagement of post-secondary and business community
4. Engaged Partners- Increase broad family and community support for STEM education as a priority in BR

Please read carefully to fully understand guidelines and expectations.

Funding to support projects in classrooms, across grade levels or even school-wide is available through a generous grant from ExxonMobil. Grants will be made available to classroom teachers or to schools. Grant awards may range from $250-$10,000 per project. Projects must be innovative and have potential for replication in other schools in East Baton Rouge Parish School System. Projects should focus on increasing student interest and engagement in STEM. 

These STEM grants furnish funding for projects in EBR schools that provide STEM experiences for students.  Additionally, the grants allow for the development and documentation of best practices in order to support STEM engagement across the district. Projects must include components to enhance student experience, teacher development, best practice development and sharing, and/or workforce alignment with measurable goals.

Grant awards will be made available up to $10,000. Grants of $10,000 are limited and require significant project design and development. Most grant awards will be for projects less than $5,000. 

All funds are reimbursable and require documentation of expenses before payments will be made. Teachers must adhere to school and district level policies for all expenses. All requests for reimbursements should be made no later than May 15, 2019. All donated funds should be spent on expenses for items on the approved project budget. The Foundation for EBRSS will provide all grant recipients with a reimbursement form to request payment for expenses incurred. With pre-approval the Foundation can make payments to vendors directly. Principal approval is required for all projects and purchases. Payment for reimbursement is approximately 7-10 days after fully completed reimbursement form is submitted to the Foundation for EBRSS office.

All applications must be submitted online at

Online application will require upload of separate budget document.  Download a copy of grant application prior to beginning online application to prepare answers.

Applications must be completed by July 31 at noon.

Recipients will be notified approximately 6-8 weeks from submission deadline.

Documentation and evaluation will be required of all grant recipients.

2018-19 STEM Teaching Fellows

The Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System will award grant funds of $1,000 to 15 eligible EBR teachers to recognize and build capacity for excellence,  innovation, and leadership in the field of STEM education PK-12.  This project is funded by Capital One.  See 2017-18 Profiles of STEM Fellows.

Application Deadline:  May 11, 2018

Purpose of Grant:  To establish and support a cadre of “STEM Teaching Fellows” who, armed with content knowledge, innovative teaching strategies, and an entrepreneurial spirit, can support their colleagues and transform EBRPSS schools into institutions of innovative STEM teaching and learning. 

STEM Teacher Leader Model:  The STEM Teaching Fellows program features year-round professional development and collaborative resource-building and sharing activities. Continuity of these efforts will be ensured through participation in active learning communities and the sharing of promising practices via district-wide professional development venues and at practice-sharing events sponsored by the STEM Learning Network.

Overview:  The project seeks a year-long commitment from PK-12 teachers who are interested in:

  • Building an understanding and knowledge of student engagement, career building, and STEM learning resources available
  • Supporting and cultivating strategies to engage underrepresented, underserved youth in STEM
  • Identifying, researching, and sharing promising STEM practices with colleagues
  • Developing STEM instructional kits, lessons, and tools to be shared across the district and via the STEM Teaching Lab to increase awareness and participation in STEM
  • Building your leadership capacity with skills, attitudes and habits of mind to act as agents of change
  • Participating in the STEM Learning Network and teams to support sustained system-wide engagement through policy, advocacy, and decision making

Benefits: Participants will receive:

  • $1,000 Grant award
  • Recognition as a FEBRSS STEM Teaching Fellow in media and at various events
  • Regular professional development and leadership opportunities


  • Current full-time EBRPSS PK-12 educator
  • Attendance and participation in STEM Teaching Lab activities
  • Participation in monthly STEM Teacher Leader PD sessions (Total of six sessions + Graduation in April at the 2019 FEBRSS Gala)
  • Provide at least one professional development workshop along with resources and video/slide show illustrating your STEM work on your campus (school, district, or community level)
  • Sign a Memorandum of Agreement detailing roles and responsibilities of the project
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