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More about STEMup Baton Rouge

STEMup Baton Rouge empowers public middle-school students by inviting effective business and industry mentors from STEM fields to engage students with a high-impact mentoring model called Engineering Everywhere, a research-based, award-winning middle-school curriculum from the Museum of Science in Boston. Our goal is to increase the number of students who ultimately enter and remain in STEM careers. Our nationally recognized best-practice model provides mentoring that is:

  • Experiential: Using hands-on learning.
  • Sustained: STEM mentors meet with students over a number of weeks.
  • Focused on under-represented students: Black and Hispanic students are much less likely to know someone in a STEM career, to have engaged in hands-on STEM activities or to have visited a science museum. Women account for only 20 percent of new STEM degrees and only hold about 25 percent of STEM jobs.
  • Measurable: Interest is a strong indicator for who will pursue a STEM career.
  • Led by business professionals: Real-world mentors bring credibility and help builds relationships with people already in STEM-related fields.

Intended Outcomes:

  • Student participation in relevant STEM-rich activities prior to high school (during and after school time).
  • Greater number of students, currently under-represented in STEM fields, following STEM academic and career paths.
  • Awareness of high-demand for STEM skills and knowledge in the region.
  • Involvement of community partners to supplement learning and further engage students.
  • Professional learning opportunities for educators and community partners.
  • Excitement and sustained interest in STEM topics linked to students’ community.
  • Building of STEM knowledge, skills and confidence.
  • Providing exposure to community professionals, relevant experiences and valuable career possibilities.

Our First-Year Results:

  • 850 middle-school students engaged
  • 6-7 middle schools engaged
  • 100 community mentors engaged
  • Educator support network created

BECOME A MENTOR! The achievement gap so damaging to underprivileged students stems originally from an opportunity gap. We can close this gap by connecting students who want to learn with adults who have so much to teach.

Mentor Qualifications:

  • Enjoy working with students.
  • A mix of STEM expertise and interest and willingness to serve.
  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Can commit to at least 7 one-hour sessions.
  • Successfully pass mentor screening.
  • Participate in mentor training and collaborative lesson planning.
  • Share experiences online and during best-practices events.

Teamwork approach: A Mentor Team consists of a teacher, the mentor and a VISTA Corps member who will guide mentors every step of the way, from topic and lesson selection to closure of experience. Mentors will have access to online resources and Help Desk support. Additionally, mentors may include others from their workplace to assist and participate in the Mentor Team.

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